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January 28, 2010


Nailin' Palin

This blog post is a flop - if I was the author I would delete my wordpress account and contact the FBI about witness protection.

Apple haters are so 1995.

Nick Desbarats

Might want to actually read posts before commenting on them... I said I loved the iPhone, so clearly I don't hate Apple. I just think the iPad won't sell well (outside of the fanboy demographic, anyway).

Do you have any actual counterarguments to my post, or just barely-veiled threats?

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They are handful of points which true stops IPad growing to be the largest flourishing innovation of all time. If they look after this kind of problems and allow it to be offered in there following Ipad design it will probably be wonderful issue.


I think you are not quite right and you should still studying the matter.

Reverse cell phone lookup

It's just like a laptop, but smaller, and some say it won't sell well because of this.

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i like apple.....ea...


not bad!

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